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ALT Ramblin Man (ACD) x ALT Pistol Packin' Piper (AUS)

ALT Texas Heeler Puppy

This is Molly aka Molly Magoo. 
She was born December 23rd, 2019 in Dalhart, TX.
She is the first Texas Heeler we have intentionally kept over the last 12 years of raising puppies.
She has been AMAZING. She is so gentle and sweet, super intelligent, and HIGHLY trainable. Show her something...she knows it instantly.

We are PROUD to feed all of our dogs, puppies, horses AND ourselves, 
WILD Gold Oil supplements!

They are always waiting to go somewhere!

Kallie and Dixie. Kallie is by Hitch and Pearl. Dixie is by Hitch and Faye.

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Dalhart, TX 79022

ALT Ramblin Man

Blue Heeler, Australian Cattle Dog, Queensland Heeler stud


ALT Ramblin Man

Millcreeks I'm A Honky Tonk Girl
AKC Australian Cattle Dog 

No Longer Breeding


ALT Ramblin Duke

Australian Cattle Dog, Queensland Heeler stud

Son of Hitch

4M Diamond Lizzie "Liz"

Spader Good OnYa Copper "Copper"